UQ Brisbane City | BVN

In 2019, The University of Queensland (UQ) purchased the state heritage listed building, 308 Queen Street and its 2008 tower extension. The scheme establishes a distinctive, state-of-the art learning environment through the through the conversion of the historic bank and modern commercial tower, providing new settings for postgraduate students within the Architecture and Business Schools, alongside a hub for UQ alumni.
Three key space types were identified: Teaching Suites, Creative Suites, and a series of unique Engagement Spaces. Collectively they provide both informal and formal teaching and learning environments at varying scales, from individual to group and large format.

All Hallows’ School, The Potter Building Adaptive Re-Use Project | Fulton Trotter Architects

The Potter Building is the adaptive reuse of an existing 4 storey building in the centre of the State Heritage listed campus of All Hallows’ on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD. Originally housing only one storey of library, the entire building has been dedicated to library and related functions, the addition of a fifth floor, and the lateral extension of the existing floors. All new floor area is constructed using a cross laminated timber (CLT) floor structure, on a steel frame. Voids and stairs have been inserted into the building to create fluid interconnecting volumes, weaving the building into a cohesive whole. This facility has provided the school with a sophisticated solution to numerous spatial and circulation issues, and a dynamic learning environment for an evolving curriculum.

CHAC Primary Adminstration | Reddog Architects in association with Blueline Architecture

The Primary Administration building creates an entry statement to the primary school serving as home for both administration and teaching staff, embodying functionality and innovation in equal measure.

On the ground floor, a blend of form and function greets visitors with an entry foyer that leads to meeting spaces and offices additionally connecting to the newly refurbished primary school library. The upper floor area creates a social and gathering space for staff providing a balance between collaboration and respite. This elevated area facilitates professional interactions and also serves as a testament to the commitment to nurturing a vibrant and interconnected educational community.

Approaching the Primary Administration building from the adjacent car park the building overhang extends itself as a protective canopy, creating a well–defined and covered link to the classrooms and outdoor play spaces enhancing accessibility and ensuring that students and staff can move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments.

Currumbin State School OSHC | Resonance d+a

The Currumbin State School OSHC is a dedicated facility for outside school hours care. The new works form an extension to the existing hall enabling use of established services (kitchen, amenities etc.). This connection allowed limited funding to be directed towards the core service, that is a large space to cater for large numbers of students. This space has been located to open directly onto an existing shaded playground, oval and sports courts while introducing a large, covered circulation space open on the north and south that lets the building breathe.

The main space has a simple skillion roof opening to the north allowing the insertion of a small mezzanine that provides intimate spaces within the larger volume. Heavy walls on the western side includes a storage wall and protect from the western sun.

Gin Gin State High School New Administration Building | Giarola Architects

Gin Gin State High School’s new administration building sets a new standard in educational infrastructure. Acting as the primary point of contact, this building is more than just an administrative hub; it’s a landmark symbolizing accessibility and community integration. The standout feature, a stunning rammed earth wall, replaces traditional, unwelcoming school barriers with a welcoming, secure entrance, harmonizing with the regional architectural style. Inside, the design prioritizes functionality and staff wellbeing. With a raised ceiling for natural light, a simple layout for effective ventilation, and a large, strategically placed staff room, the building champions a comfortable working environment. The flexible conference area reflects our commitment to staff development. Adhering to sustainable practices and cost-effective construction, this project illustrates our dedication to creating spaces that are environmentally friendly, functional, and aligned with the educational ethos of serving and inspiring our community.

Good Samaritan College, Polding Place | Speculative Architecture and Brammer Architects, architects in association

With a focus upon student wellbeing and community engagement, Polding Place at Good Samaritan College Toowoomba contains classrooms, Food Technology teaching spaces with a commercial kitchen, Cafe, and a Design Technology workshop. Each space is naturally ventilated with good access to breezes and controlled daylight. Outdoor learning spaces are located adjacent to traditional teaching spaces and are flexible for social activities. Materials and niches have been selected that are robust, with low maintenance, while providing continuity with the existing campus buildings to reinforce the identity and history of the College.

The main social space of the College is revitalised by the new building framing, and providing an active social edge to, a central courtyard. Integrated planting, through vines and shade trees, mediate the outdoor spaces to provide cool and social landscapes to be enjoyed.

Home Consortium Early Learning Centre, Richlands | Cox Architecture

The Richlands Early Learning Centre transforms a dormant warehouse building into a welcoming childcare centre for Guardian. The adaptive reuse of the unused building provides a highly sustainable model of development whereby the embodied energy and carbon used to create the original building is retained and given new life, bypassing the wasteful process of demolition and reconstruction.

The design is organised around the idea that all movement is made along a verandah like space synonymous with Queensland’s lifestyle and climate. A perforated screen forms a continuous ribbon that frames the central outdoor play space and filters light like lattice on a verandah, designed to evoke memories of home.

The interior spaces are restrained and a palette of warm oak and pastel green combines with white lofted ceiling spaces to create a calming environment where the creative works of the children can take centre stage.

Mancel College Building 1 | Giarola Architects

Mancel College Building 1, envisioned by Giarola Architects in collaboration with Language Disorder Australia, is a pioneering stride in educational architecture for students with Language Disorder. This landmark project, initiating a comprehensive campus redevelopment, creates a holistic, inclusive educational environment from Prep to Year 12. Its innovative design features multifaceted classrooms that open up to vibrant outdoor learning spaces, fostering an interactive and adaptive learning experience. The building’s design respects its picturesque creekside location, integrating sustainable practices and nurturing a connection with nature. Mancel College Building 1 exemplifies a fusion of environmental mindfulness, architectural ingenuity, and a deep commitment to catering to the unique educational needs of its students.

New Farm State School | BVN

The heritage listed New Farm State School has taken a leap towards the future of education while respecting the distinctive character of its neighbourhood.
New Farm residents are understandably proud of their suburb as a characteristic place. While devising a new master plan for the campus, we demonstrated an inclusive process of community engagement, running multiple workshops with the school and public.
The expanded campus visually integrates with the neighbourhood, brings more green space to the area, improves wayfinding and traffic flow and incorporates a welcoming place for community engagement and participation.

A new ‘learning street’ has been cut through the middle of the school, linking the original facilities with two new multi–storey contemporary learning hubs, connected by outdoor rooms. The learning street flows between indoor and outdoor learning and play spaces, creating a series of vibrant and colourful contemporary learning environments with a neighbourhood street feel.

STEAM Precinct Brisbane Grammar School | Wilson Architects

The STEAM Precinct is an integrated multidisciplinary education facility which is not simply a new science building but rather reflects a whole of school approach pedagogically, physically and culturally.

Highly flexible classrooms wrap around a four-story high incubator space with suspended group study Petri dishes pods that give the space its character and reinforce the intended behavior around creative thinking.

The building explores themes from interconnected extended learning, highly pedagogically flexible teaching spaces and creating environments that invest in student directed/owned independent and collaborative space. The resulting innovation pushes the boundaries of team teaching, multidisciplinary learning and peer support.

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