Vlinder Huis | Hartree & Associates Architects

Vlinder Huis | Hartree & Associates Architects | Photographer: Robert Frith

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Vlinder Huis | Hartree & Associates Architects

Traditional Land Owners
Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation

Western Australia

Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Minchin & Sims
Robert Frith
Project summary

The interview brief proposed “New Build” – H+AA interrogated the existing home, highlighting the living terrace/wide horizon; an extraordinary existing condition compromised by the contemporary planning framework (setbacks/overlooking).

Strategic modifications organise the family for different functions in spaces promoting natural light, ventilation, mitigating glare and heat. On calm days (majority of the year in Perth) – glass walls open, air-conditioning is turned off.

Our clients combine Dutch/Vietnamese cultures, and introduced the concept of a butterfly (Dutch – “Vlinder”), symbolising luck and transformation – key themes for the project.

Rectilinear forms and façade rhythms were respected; celebrating change – a chiseled stone ribbon unfurls in the streetscape… the Vlinder, reflects playfully to the interior, lured to the monumental Star Jasmine – attracting birds to clear the foliage of pests.
Guests enter via the monument – a controlled scale/sensory experience, they progress into the home and launch into the distant and sky.

“We purchased a house by Hungarian architect Julius Elischer dated 1967, we immediately fell in love with the property, located in the leafy neighbourhood of City Beach and saw potential in various existing aspects.

We were convinced to embark on a sustainable renovation rather than a new build which preserves the panoramic views.
It is a well thought-out, functional house with great aesthetic appeal that preserved the original footprint without much impact to the surrounding landscape. The design enhances views, also cleverly makes use of the south-west aspect and sea breeze ventilation. We love the use of natural products throughout.”

Project Practice Team

Bill Golding, Graduate of Architecture
David Hartree, Design Architect
Sammuel Arellano, International Graduate of Architecture

Project Consultant and Construction Team

DIGWA, Landscape Consultant
Kohler Design, Interior Designer
Marocchi Engineering Group, Structural Engineer
Martin Devries, Services Consultant
Resolve Group, Building Surveyor
Sustainability House, ESD Consultant

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Vlinder Huis | Hartree & Associates Architects | Photographer: Robert Frith

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