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e.g.etal | Circle Studio Architects | Photographer: Jade Cantwell

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

e.g.etal | Circle Studio Architects

Traditional Land Owners


COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture
EmAGN Project Award
Small Project Architecture
Phelan Shopfitters
Jade Cantwell
Project summary

Egetal is about bringing the intimate nature of jewellery to the urban scale.

The fitout on Little Collins St draws upon the material qualities of jewellery and scales it up for the street. A large display case plays on the idea of oversized jewellery boxes and geometric pendants which both houses the bespoke pieces, and signals to the passer by that something precious is inside.

The project draws upon the materiality and tectonic of jewellery and transforms it from something that adorns the body to something that adorns a building. Delicate materials, geometric forms, and the form of the ‘jewellery box’ is translated into a larger urban scale using different textured glass and steel work lacing the fragments together.

On the interior, warm hues and natural materials become the backdrop to unique hand-crafted rings, necklaces, bangles, and earrings.

Victorian Jury Presentation

When you love the space, you work in, it’s amazing how productivity changes and general perspectives of ‘work’ can transform. Our staff, feel more engaged with the public in the new street level store. After being located in a basement for years, our staff are able to show off our artists to a broader public and feel proud of the quality the new fit out promotes.

The colour and technical aspects of the design are harmonious with our values and create a sense of calm in the gallery. The floor plan is zoned well to enable movement around the gallery.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Ambience Lighting, Lighting Consultant
James Moorhead, Steel Contractor
Major Graphics, Signage
Sound Proofing Australia, Acoustic Consultant

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e.g.etal | Circle Studio Architects | Photographer: Jade Cantwell

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