Bunya House | Sparks Architects Pty Ltd

Bunya House | Sparks Architects Pty Ltd | Photographer: Cameron Murchison

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Bunya House | Sparks Architects Pty Ltd

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Darling Downs and West Moreton

Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
Valdal Projects Pty Ltd
Cameron Murchison
Project summary

This cosy mountain home provides both a retreat and a ‘base camp’ for owners who enjoy working outdoors on the property. It provides a warm refuge for evenings and inclement weather; for both habitation and reflection.

It is a durable and well insulated ’shell’ to manage the mountain environment, but with a rich, tactile and warm interior. The plan creates a north east facing terrace from which to view the vast plains of the South Burnett at the base of the Bunya Mountain – several hundred kilometres of view. The L-shape also protects the courtyard from western summer sun and westerly winds.

Windows frame particular views – both micro (the peak of a Bunya tree through the kitchen clerestory); a middle ground view (a draping branch from the master suite); and macro ( sweeping landscape from the daybed). Tall narrow windows to the west echo the elegant trunks of the Bunya trees.

The house is a joy to live in and every day we appreciate its design and form even more. The design suits the environment and landscape perfectly and is a comfortable and welcoming space both for us and our very appreciative visitors. The apparently simple form hides the work involved in making it an efficient space perfectly suited to our cool climate.
The design and construction process was very straight forward with Sparks working with our builder to achieve a wonderful outcome – a stunning home that nestles into the landscape and maximises the views.

Project Practice Team

Dan Sparks, Design Architect
Michael Cornish, Project Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

A+D Structure, Structural Engineer

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Bunya House | Sparks Architects Pty Ltd | Photographer: Cameron Murchison

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