A by Adina, Sydney | JPW

A by Adina, Sydney | JPW | Photographer: Brett Boardman

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

A by Adina, Sydney | JPW

Traditional Land Owners
The Gadigal people of the Eora Nation

New South Wales

Commercial Architecture
Lord Mayors Prize (NSW)
Brett Boardman
FRMEZ / Martin Siegner
Tom Roe
Project summary

Every square metre of A by Adina, Sydney’s small but prominent George St island site has been optimized to create a compact yet distinctive landmark city hotel.

From urban form to the fine details, and through creative collaboration and innovative technical solutions, every aspect of the 26-storey 194-room apartment hotel is focussed in a singular architecture that prioritises the experience of the guest, the visitor and the city.

A slender crystalline tower in innovative glass, set within a podium of concrete, sandstone and folded aluminium, is shaped to reduce shadows and wind to the street.

A new sun-soaked mini-plaza and Emily Floyd artwork with retail to all frontages enriches the public domain.

Guests enter through a colonnade before check-in at the sky-lobby – a dramatic glazed rooftop volume overlooking the city roofscape housing restaurant, bar and pool terrace below the illuminated crown – a vibrant, unique and memorable new Sydney place.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Commercial Architecture

“A by Adina takes the sense of arrival to a whole new level.

You leave the city behind as you walk through a sandstone colonnade flanked by a calming water feature to the peaceful lift lobby. It’s a sensory cleanse as you’re submerged into a calm space before your lift ride to the skylobby for our ‘arrival’ moment.

TFE is a global leader in apartment hotels – so, it’s incredibly meaningful and exciting to evolve and elevate the Adina brand to a timeless offering that’s just the right fit and feel.”

Allan Vidor – TOGA Managing Director, TFE Hotels Chairman

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A by Adina, Sydney | JPW | Photographer: FRMEZ / Martin Siegner

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