South Australian Chapter Prizes

2023 Sir James Irwin President's Medalist Josephine Evans | JPE Design Studio

Each year, the SA Chapter offers a range of prizes and fellowships to recognise and encourage the work of our members:

You can find information about National Prizes including the Gold Medal, Dulux Study Tour and Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize here. Information on the SA Architecture Awards can be found here. For questions related to the SA Chapter prizes please email

12 February, 2024 Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship Opens
15 March, 2024 Jack Hobbs McConnell Traveling Fellowship Closes

Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship

The Jack McConnell Travelling Fellowship is for promising designers, who might ultimately practice in South Australia, to undertake an independent program of research or course of further study in Architecture or a related field, most likely overseas.

2023  Reem Daou

2022  nil

2021  nil

2020  Matthew Alfred

2019  Todd Hislop

2018  nil

2017  Matiya Marovich

2016  Alex Kindlen

2015  Dino Vrynios

2014  Stephen Hooper

2013  David Bickmore

2012  Damien Chwalisz

2011  Katie Lawson

2010  Esther Chew

2009  Mark Berlangieri

2008  Anthony Balsamo

Emerging Architect Prize (SA)

The Emerging Architect Prize (EAP), recognises an individual emerging architect or emerging architectural collaboration’s contribution to architectural practice, education, design excellence and community involvement, which advances the profession’s role within the public arena. 

2023  Chris Morely

2022  Dave Bickmore & Graham Charbonneau

2021  Dino Vrynios (National)

2020  Erin Crowden

2019  nil

2018  Alison McFadyen

2017  Esther Chew

2016  Anthony Balsamo (National)

2015  Candy Aung

2014  Matt Davis

2013  Alex Hall

2012  nil

2011  Sean Humphries

2010  Danielle O’Dea

2009  Julian Rutt

2008  Jane Monk

Sir James Irwin Presidents Medal​

The Founder, Sir James Irwin, wishes to provide a medal to be awarded to a person in respect of significant contributions to the profession of architecture in South Australia and for such purpose has had a medal designed and which was first awarded on 3 July 1992.

2023  Josephine Evans

2022  Tony Giannone

2021  Dr Rachel Hurst 

2020  Elizabeth Vines

2019  Steve Grieve

2018  Douglas Alexander

2017  John Held

2016  Francesco Bonato

2015  John Schenk 

2014  Susan Phillips & Michael Pilkington

2013  Adrian Evans 

2012  Kevin Taylor 

2011  The Integrated Design Commission of SA 

2010  Nick Tridente 

2009  Uni SA Facilities Management Unit

2008  Phil Harris 

2007  David Chapman & Stephen Herbert

2006  Geof Nairn 

2005  Pauline Hurren 

2004  Maxwell Robert Pritchard 

2003  Rod Roach 

2002  John Wafford Hales

2001  John Walter 

2000  Robert Dickson 

1999  Earle Scott

1998  Professor Judith Brine

1997  John Morphett

1996  Guy Maron 

1995  SA Department for Building Management

1994  Keith Neighbour

1993  Newell Platten 

1992  Professor Robert D. Cheesman

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