Tahune Airwalk Pavilion | Tanner Architects

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Tahune Airwalk Pavilion | Tanner Architects

Small project architecture

In 2019, the forest surrounding the Tahune Airwalk tourism experience in southern Tasmania was impacted by the Riveaux Road bushfire. While the Airwalk structure itself escaped substantial damage, the surrounding visual landscape was altered significantly. Thankfully, much of the forest has begun to regenerate remarkably well. The brief called for a public entry shelter as a place of arrival before embarking on to the Airwalk structure.

The intent behind the Tahune Airwalk Entry Pavilion was to place a definitive structure, on that was legibly different from the existing Airwalk, that provided a sense of welcome within a functional shelter, evoking a graded interplay between the new structure and the majesty of the surrounding landscape. As a result, the new pavilion is a vessel through which light plays, providing glimpses of the forest before revealing it in its awesome entirety as one proceeds onto the Airwalk.

Tahune Airwalk Pavilion | Tanner Architects | Photographer: Adam Gibson



Cordwell Built | Builder

Aldanmark | Structural Engineer

Matt Sansom | Photographer

Adam Gibson | Photographer

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