Architecture as host

Can we improve the responsiveness of our architecture through our own experience?


CO-architecture is a web-based platform for Architects, Engineers and Consultants (AEC) to help people find work or talent – building a reliable network and community of on-demand talent, without geographical boundaries.

Dilly Dally

Housed in a cultural cornerstone, Benson Studio were approached by the new owners to increase the diversity of offering in Subiaco and to be part of its evolution.

Curtin Bicycle Hub

In its unwavering commitment to maximising impact beyond its inherent function, the Curtin Bicycle Hub designed by Place Laboratory and Coniglio Ainsworth Architects, in conjunction with Curtin University, delivers in spades.

Pingelly recreation and cultural centre

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Drying wheat, luminous yellow canola fields and sheep herds scattered amongst a landscape of ancient granite boulders and […]

The design of towers

Working as an architect in Australia and abroad, my approach to the design of towers has evolved.

Icons or otherwise

Once upon a time, the Oxford English Dictionary defined an icon as ‘Image, statue, painting, mosaic etc of a sacred personage’. In respected contemporary literature today, although this definition is often expanded, the quintessential meaning remains unchanged.

Innovation by design

Technological challenges and opportunities behind the design of the Parramatta Powerhouse and the Sydney Modern Project