Render Finishing Systems

A CPD that breaks down the differences between Paint, Render, Flexible Acrylic Texture and Membrane finishes. Allows participants to correctly design and specify systems and identify the risk associated with design under relevant legislation and building codes.
– Dulux

Mineral Coatings- Premium Silicate Technology

Breathable Coatings over Masonry substrates. In this CPD participants will be able to understand the difference between conventional and mineral coatings, and how this benefits the life cycle of a design and project.
– Dulux

Below Ground Waterproofing

In this CPD you will be able to identify the importance of below ground waterproofing in structural design, planning and construction and correctly specify appropriate materials to meet a design brief.

– Dulux/Fosroc

Concrete Floor Treatments & Coatings

In this CPD you will learn about the importance of structural design considerations and the potential risks for concrete flooring treatments and coatings across planning, development and construction.
– Dulux / Fosroc

Environmentally Responsible Coatings

In this CPD you will learn the relationship between paint coatings , building design, green building standards, building life cycles, and materials that make up paint and their impact on compliance.
– Dulux

Colour and Its Practical Application

Understanding the importance of colour in design considerations against the values of physical, environmental, and cultural contexts, and in accordance with relevant legislation codes and industry standards.
– Dulux

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