Design of Protective Coatings to AS/NZS 2312.1

Prepare and analyse protective coatings design solutions against project brief and National Construction Code (NCC) performance requirements to AS/NZS 2312.1. Identify the importance of utilising specialist protective coatings consultants throughout the design and constructions process. Understand correctly specifying the protective coatings requirements to AS/NZS 2312.1 to ensure appropriate corrosion protection for the project design.

Wet Area Waterproofing

This CPD will explain the importance of structural design considerations and potential risks of wet area waterproofing in design and construction. You will learn how to identify the correct wet area waterproofing design response through appropriate material selection and specification.
– Dulux / Fosroc

Joint Sealant Design

In this CPD you will learn about the importance of structural design considerations, appropriate material selection, specification considerations, application requirements and potential risks, for joint sealant design in planning, development and construction.
– Dulux / Fosroc

External Above Ground Waterproofing

This CPD will explain how to identify the correct external above ground waterproofing design response to meet a project brief by understanding the requirements of the NCC, appropriate material selection, structural design considerations and potential risks.
– Dulux / Fosroc

Intumescent Coatings for Steel

As part of this CPD, you will be able to assess project budget and timeframe against project requirements and objectives, relevant legislation, statutory planning requirements, building codes and standards.
– Dulux

Steel Design & Detailing for Long Term Protection

Provides an explanation of the preferred elements of steel design resulting the longest life expectancy for the structure, how design components can cause early onset of corrosion in steel structures, how to properly document and reference steel and identify defects in fabricated steel structures.
– Dulux

Protective Coatings Warranties

Understanding the relationship between maintenance and the achievement of design life, the difference between consumer guarantees, material warranty and performance warranties and the benefits of utilising the expertise of protective coating specialists and a warrantable project finish.
– Dulux

Micaceous Iron Oxide Coatings

Understanding what an MIO pigment is, the benefits, how MIO improves protective properties in coatings and the ability to decide whether an MIO pigmented coating is an appropriate material selection.
– Dulux

An Introduction to Powder Coatings

A CPD that differentiates powder coating from wet paint, and allows participants to understand the quality and warranty differences between types of powder coatings to ensure the design response incorporates assessment of relevant legislation, codes and industry standards.
– Dulux

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