Shed for Propagation | Marc & Co

The clients love for gardening extends to propagation. The small triangular site was selected as a way of resolving a kink in the formal geometry of the Paul Bangay designed garden. The propagation shed becomes part of the system of hedges using a timber screen for planting, so it merges into the hedges. Inside a green marble is for garden work or a cup of tea. The shed goes beyond propagation to become a place of beauty, hope and joy.

Warwick Brick House | Marc & Co

Warwick Brick House a multi-generational house on a steep site. Daily living spaces and gardens are located on the roof, offering privacy, views and moments of tranquility and joy.

The playful composition of the façade, with its slender brick piers, oversized reveals and corbel detailing, adds depth and decorative relief to the building whilst acknowledging a history of brick–making in Warwick.

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