Dorge | Base Architecture

Dorge stands proudly at the precipice of Toowoomba’s Glenn Lomond Park. Through its grandeur of scale, form and materiality it is a home that presents itself to be robust to the first-time visitor, however once welcomed inside, the softer interior begins to reveal itself. The interior architecture humbly steps back to play background, while allowing the captivating surroundings of this family home to take the lead role. With a subtle nod to Australian homesteads of the past and present, this home celebrates the best of rural life and a harmonious relationship with landscape.

Huet | Base Architecture

Our clients’ home commands attention with its bold architectural statement, strategically positioned to captivate both street level and surrounding landscape views. Reflecting their appreciation for mid-century aesthetics, the design blends retro influences with modern sensibilities. Deliberate choices in facade detailing and dynamic roof forms create a distinctive identity while enhancing the streetscape’s visual appeal. Internally, the layout maximises spatial efficiency, seamlessly integrating living spaces with private areas through clever design solutions. Careful consideration was given to construction methods, ensuring a high-quality build within the budget constraints. Emphasising natural light and ventilation, the home prioritises sustainability and comfort. As a residence tailored to two town planners, it sets a new standard for suburban living, harmonising with its environment while promoting attainable and sustainable development.

Kent | Base Architecture

In New Farm, this small plot posed a challenge for transforming a well-loved timber cottage into a modern haven. All available space has been meticulously utilised, with a plunge pool at the entrance and rooms opening to private courtyards for a spacious feel. Sustainability was key, utilising underground cool air, solar panels, and concrete for thermal mass. Mixing classic white timber with bold concrete and steel accents has contributed modern flair while maintaining warmth. In spite of the surrounding neighboring homes and proximity to the street, the secluded courtyard at the rear offers privacy and seclusion. The owners’ desire for an urban oasis has been realised through abundant greenery, from rooftop gardens to green walls, seamlessly blending the house with nature’s embrace.

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