Hale St Alterations & Additions | Philip Stejskal Architecture

A project conceived around our clients’ desire to live out the rest of their lives here. Recently retired empty-nesters, Trish and Rob had aspirations for a forever home that was comfortable to live in, maintenance friendly, captured the panoramic views to the Indian Ocean, yet maintained strong connections with the garden that was to become a focal point of the site and their lives.

A sloping site led to a split level home connected by a series of ramps, weaving various interior and exterior spaces into a cohesive whole.

In pursuit of strong environmental credentials, Hempcrete became a key building material and part of the project, able to provide high levels of insulation, building sealing and indoor air quality. A series of other materials were used around the Hempcrete to protect it from the elements and to create a home that would age gracefully.

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