Why I became an Architect

Being an architect is not just a job it is your life we are all passionate about what we do that is why we work long hours for not so good pay. I would almost say it was a calling, but that would sound wanky, and I am not a wanky architect.

I always wanted to be an architect, I have no idea why I am the daughter of a truck driver and nurses aid but I did live in a very planned city.

I grew up in Canberra and was inspired as a teenager by the construction of Parliament house. We would drive past the construction site on capital hill every Friday on the way to my grandparents house for dinner. It took years to build and started with the removal of most of the hill and then the building replaced it. I now find it so sad that you can no longer walk over the top and enjoy the views, times have changed and security is now a too real thing. The building was opened in May 1988 when I was in year 12 and I remember the excitement of visiting for the first time, I would have gone with my grandfather to the opening as he was at the opening of the first parliament house in Canberra in May 1927 but unfortunately he had passed away the November prior.

The other reason I studied architecture was my year 11 careers advisor told me ‘what was I thinking that was a man’s job, and I should do something more lady like’. Well I did not see that advisor again and was determined to stick it to her and go to university. All these years on I still love my job and work too hard but seeing something completed still gives me a thrill so I must be doing the right job.

Jenny Culgan

BAppSc(EnvDes), BArch, NT Chapter President
Director MODE