Outgoing International Chapter Councillors

International Chapter Council, from l-r: Grant Marani FRAIA, Helen Lochhead LFRAIA, David Teh FRAIA, Annelise Tiller RAIA, Robert Nation AM LFRAIA, Samantha Cotterell RAIA, Peter O'Brien RAIA, Wei Jien RAIA, Hank Koning LFRAIA, Natalie Ward RAIA, Janine Campbell FRAIA, Raquel Nicholls-Skene, Vui Choong RAIA | International Chapter Architecture Awards 2019

The International Chapter Council would like to acknowledge and farewell outgoing Chapter Councillors, Janine Campbell and David Teh.

Janine has been a member of the International Area Committee and then the International Chapter Council for many years and played a crucial role in the formation of the International Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. She joined the International Area Committee while she was working in Switzerland, and later moved to London, and has brought considerable international practice experience to the Council and provided a voice in Europe. Janine has contributed to the Institute exhibition at the Venice Biennale, played a key role in recruiting new members to the Chapter, sat on the Emerging Architects Prize jury, and spearheaded the Chapter’s increasing use of social media to connect members. Janine has tirelessly pursued issues relating to gender equity and emerging architects in the international arena.

David Teh has been a long-serving Councillor of the International Chapter of the RAIA, first joining the Chapter in 2012. For many years the Chapter has benefitted having a representative Councillor from Malaysia, which has long been a base for a large proportion of our international members. David is an eminent architect in the Malaysian architectural scene as well as in our Institute. He received his qualifications from Melbourne University in 1972, and is a Director of his own practice, Pakatan Reka Architects in Kuala Lumpur. David has written extensively on the history of the profession in Malaysia and has been the creative Director for the annual PAM conference, including being a Co-Convenor for the joint RAIA-Pam Conference in Perth and & Kuala Lumpur in 1990. David’s great knowledge and wisdom has been of enormous benefit to the Chapter over the years, particularly in the forging of meaningful relations between the Malaysian Institute and our own.

The entire International Chapter Council will miss Janine and David immensely, but look forward to staying in touch and continuing to learn from their considerable experience and knowledge. They are both thanked for their contributions to the profession and the Institute.

The Council would also like to farewell and thank Gina Engelhardt, who has provided a connection with the SONA membership of the Institute and wish her well in her future endeavours.