Institute members appointed to UIA Work Programmes

The expertise of the Institute’s member architects has been further recognised on the global stage with the announcement of new appointments to the International Union of Architects’ prestigious Work Programmes.

The two-year appointments 2021-2023 were announced by UIA Secretary General TAN Pei Ing Tan.

The UIA Work Programmes bring together dozens of architects from around the world to provide expert input across a variety of work streams. These groups undertake research, organise events and provide expert counsel among many other activities.

They are consulted by a broad range of leading international bodies, from the World Health Organisation to the International Olympic Committee.

Together members of the Work Programmes help the UIA achieve its mission: advancing and promoting the profession and reinforcing global architectural quality through the efforts of specialists from around the world.

National President Tony Giannone congratulated members on their appointments and thanked them for contributing to the profession in this international capacity.

The appointments include:

Alice Hampson of alicehampsonarchitect and Immediate Past National President appointed to the UIA Work Programme on Heritage and Cultural Identity.

This program promotes methods for the conservation of architectural heritage and works to protect existing and future heritage and cultural sites from natural disasters. The program engages in questions of urban and sustainable development, rehabilitation, renovation and conservation of existing sites, striving to establish high international standards for good practice.

Dr Andrew Magub of KIRK to the UIA Work Programme – Sports and Leisure.

This program promotes quality sport and Olympic facilities at an international level, through the collective expertise of its members. This UIA Work Programme is implicated in decision-making processes for, among others, the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, FIFA, IAAF, FINA, and UCI

The Work Programme also advises countries on the socio-economical potential of competitive sporting facilities; supports local and national policy-makers in developing attractive, functional and sustainable facilities; and furthers international exchanges of information and cooperation in the field of sport and leisure facilities.

Allen Kong of Allen Kong Architect appointed as Co-Director of the UIA Work Programme – Architecture for All.

Belinda Seale, also of  Allen Kong Architect to the UIA Work Programme – Architecture for All.

This program raises awareness of the architect’s responsibility to ensure that accessibility and inclusive design are essential components of architectural design, construction and education. The program promotes good practice in accessible and inclusive urban design and architecture.

Warren Kerr AM of Hames Sharley, former WA Chapter and National President to

UIA Work Programme – Public Health.

The UIA Public Health Work Programme enjoys a rich history of seminars developed for its members, often in collaboration with partner organisations like the IHF and WHO.  In addition, UIA Public Health often takes a leadership role in organising or facilitating discussion groups at international congresses on health architecture and engineering. 

This program will play a particularly important role with the UIA having declared 2022 the Year of Design for Health.