The Institute is excited to announce the 2024 Australian Architecture Conference Steering Committee who will work with the CEO and National President to shape the program for the 2024 Australian Architecture Conference.

The Conference is our annual flagship event. In 2024, the Conference will be held between 9–12 May in Melbourne and is expected to be attended by around 1,000 delegates from across Australia. The program will be an engaging forum for discussion, learning, and networking, and will feature emerging and eminent architects from Australia and abroad. Event planning and partnership conversations are well underway, and the 2024 Australian Architecture Conference Steering Committee has been formed via an all-member EOI process.

We welcome and thank the following new commitee members:

  • Alvin Zhu, NSW
  • Ilion George, NT
  • Jamileh Jahangiri, NSW
  • Jessica Spresser, NSW
  • Julie Eizenberg, INT
  • Kerstin Thompson, VIC
  • Levi Birks, QLD
  • Owen Kelly, NT
  • Samantha Rouche, VIC

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