From the Tasmanian Executive Director

Photographer: Nina Hamilton

I hope you’re all faring well in our-ever changing world.

We understand things in our industry are also changing, and for us to continue to gauge this, we are asking our members to complete a follow-up check-in survey. This will allow us to compare the results from the April survey and will assist us in continuing to provide a clear message to Government on how our profession is being impacted, and in what areas.

This survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, and we ask that you do this by Friday 22 May.

The past month has been incredibly busy. To address the issues that the virus has thrown at our industry, I have attended the Civil, Building and Construction Roundtable Forum, hosted by Ministers Archer and Ferguson, met with the Master Builders Tasmania Executive Director, Matthew Pollock, to discuss the ways we can work together to benefit the industry as a whole, and have been in communication with the Tasmanian Government to address concerns of our members. This communication includes a letter to the Premier outlining steps that could be taken to support the building and construction industry, a letter to Minister Archer addressing concerns about the JobKeeper program, a letter to Minister Jaensch outlining anxieties about planning timeframes, a follow-up email to Minister Archer addressing concerns about the implementation of the new 2019 NCC, a letter to the Coordinator General about the impact of the virus on the architecture industry in Tasmania, which includes the results of our April check-in survey, and an additional letter to the Coordinator General regarding JobKeeper issues with firms sub-contracting consultants. I will be meeting with Matthew Pollock and Ministers Archer and Ferguson on Wednesday to continue our conversations around the industry moving forward.

In addition to this, the Tasmanian Chapter has been in contact with Minister Archer regarding issues with Government contracts, has made a response to the Treasury divestment team outlining the Institute’s thoughts about the future of the Treasury buildings, and I have represented the Chapter at the Tasmanian Planning Commission hearing regarding the draft amendments PSA-19-1 – Amenity standards in the central business and commercial zones.

Thank you to members who have assisted with these issues – we couldn’t do it without your input. If you would like a copy of any of these submissions or letters, please email Fiona McMullen.

At the end of the week, public consultation periods for both the Major Projects Bill and the review of the Tasmanian Planning Commission come to a close, and the Institute will be making submissions for both of these. If you have any feedback for us to add to these submissions, please let us know by COB Wednesday.

There are innovative changes to the awards program this year, and we will be sending out more information about these this week – so stay tuned!


Jennifer Nichols

Executive Director, Tasmanian Chapter
Australian Institute of Architects