From the International Chapter Executive Director

The Australian Institute of Architects Chapter Architecture Awards are always a particularly joyful project for our team and what a pleasure it has been to work with the International Chapter members and Chapter Council on delivering the International Chapter Awards. We are inspired by the breadth and quality of the projects. The online format saw us share the work of our membership with a much broader audience (with 78 live views and to date, the recording has been viewed 473 times on YouTube), and the feedback has been extremely positive. Thank you all for putting your work into the public domain, for supporting the process and putting in the huge investment it takes to enter the awards.

I would like to thank the entrants, juries, the International Chapter Councillors, Chapter staff and all our partners. On so many levels this year took great trust as we navigated uncertain waters. In times of hardship, it is human spirit that defines us and this was beautifully displayed throughout this process by all involved: people from disparate places working together with a common passion that advocates the value of good design on a global platform. Its success has been because of the investment of all of you and you have my sincerest gratitude.

Finally to those who received awards, commendations and prizes, my heartfelt congratulations. The work speaks for itself but also talks about the global nature of good design. It is an absolute honour to work with you to share and celebrate your achievements.

The inaugural People’s Choice remains open till midnight AEST┬áSunday 2 August, and we encourage you all to share the work of the International Chapter Architecture Award entrants as showcased in the online entrant gallery. To watch the Awards presentation (and other Chapter Awards), visit the AusArchitects YouTube channel.

Jennifer Nichols

Executive Director, International Chapter
Australian Institute of Architects