From the CEO

17 November

The 2014 National Awards were announced earlier this month.

The presentation event in Darwin was the culmination of a full year awards program that has run throughout the country and even abroad. It is a massive annual undertaking – intended to celebrate the achievements of our profession and to promote the value that architects deliver for our communities.

To the all of the architects involved, you are excellent ambassadors for our profession and you are an inspiration to your colleagues. Congratulations to all of you.

We were encouraged to see so much coverage of the awards nationwide. Here is just a sample of the stories:

The Guardian
Vogue Living
ABC Landline
ABC Radio National

During the awards, we presented two film projects. The first was a teaser for our new 41X film, which was produced to document this important milestone in Institute history and to mark the anniversary since completion.

This is an important film that outlines the objectives of the project in the words of those closely involved.

The full clip will be available soon and features interviews with Carey Lyon and Adrian Stanic (Lyons), Karl Fender (National President (2010-2011), Shelley Penn (National President 2012-2013) and Michael Argyrou (Hickory) to name a few.

The second project is a series of clips featuring the clients of the Named Award winning projects.

The role of the client cannot be underestimated, and we see the best outcomes in cases where the client is knowledgeable and is committed to the value of design quality. The client also plays a significant role in the awards program: generously opening their homes and places of work for us. I extend our thanks to these visionaries whose foresight and commitment to quality are essential for the outcomes that help make the world a better place for all of us.

These clips are great to watch – insightful, humorous and pay unique homage to project and client alike.

I think we’ll all be wanting to move to Bicheno!

Next month we publish INSPIRE 2014, our celebration in print of the National Awards finalists. Five years in – this is the half-way point in our extensive, decade-long tour of the very best contemporary Australian architecture. We are immensely proud of this series, through which we aim to inspire interest and passion in architecture, as well as encourage and support Australian architects.

Presenting each of the Chapter and National Architecture Awards winners for 2014 in this way, INSPIRE showcases the value of design in a tangible and accessible way. Through raising awareness of the value of design quality, we aim to support the important contribution architects make to a more sustainable, economically buoyant, healthy and beautiful built environment.

I am also pleased to announce that we have signed an International Distribution Agreement with ORO Publications to take INSPIRE out to the world through their extensive distribution network.

Kind regards,

David Parken