About the SA Architecture Awards 2021

A Message from our Awards Director & Deputy Director - see article below for key 2021 dates

Catherine Startari - SA Awards Director 2021

The Architecture Awards provide an exciting opportunity to recognise and celebrate innovation and excellence in our profession. The 2020 awards process was carried out in a slightly different format due to COVID, with additional jury presentations and a virtual awards ceremony. This certainly didn’t stop the opportunity for the architecture community and public from getting involved and celebrating some outstanding projects. We expect the projects submitted for the 2021 Awards will be just as inspiring.

As you prepare your entry submission please consider the following key information:

  • The online entries close on Friday 19th February 2021, with entry materials to be provided by Monday 1st March 2021. Please plan early and don’t miss your position in this program.
  • The Awards Handbook provides the framework and guidance on awards process. This is an excellent reference that should be reviewed when preparing your submission, ensuring all requirements are met. 
  • Please consider the designation of the title of the project on the entry. As this is used for judging and publicity purposes and your Client may wish to remain anonymous.
  • If you are unsure which category is most appropriate to your project, please discuss this with the Awards team at the Institute.
  • The Jury site visits are scheduled to occur between Mon 22nd March and Thursday 1st April (inclusive of Saturday). Please make sure your Client is aware of these dates and is comfortable with the site visits occurring. Clients are encouraged to attend, however, architects are not required.
  • Presentation to the Awards Jury is scheduled for Saturday 13th March 2021. Please plan your creative presentation (maximum of 30 slides) to respond to the entry category, core evaluation criteria, and tailor the presentation to the 5-7 minute timeframe. Different presentations may be prepared for a project entered in multiple categories. Please label these clearly.
  • The Sustainability Architecture and COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture are secondary categories, which cannot be entered directly. Entrants for the Sustainability Architecture will be contacted to provide supporting materials which may include additional reports, mapping or modelling to assist with judging. COLORBOND® Award entrants will be required to provide evidence of the product. Please collate these documents in preparation for this request.
  • The SA Chapter holds an exhibition showcasing all entries in that year’s program and as a condition of entry entrants are required to submit presentation material for this exhibition (this material is not used for judging). The A1 photographic display panel will be on exhibition to the public. Please follow the template and guidelines as set out in the Awards Handbook.

The Awards Program offers not only a platform to showcase your own projects, but also the opportunity to be part of the industry supporting the work of other architects and promoting the profession of architecture and the value of design. We look forward to celebrating excellence in South Australian architecture with you at the Awards night.

Tain Patterson - SA Deputy Awards Director 2021

It is an honour to take on the role of Deputy Awards Director for 2021. During my time working for Troppo Architects I’ve had experience as both an Entrant, and a Jury member having spent the past two years participating in the Awards program for the Sustainable Architecture category.

I have enjoyed both times as a juror for two key reasons: the ability to experience architecture usually not available to people other than the proprietor and the chance to meet and work with other architects within the industry. The experience can be eye opening and inspiring, with the chance to see architecture at its best. As part of the Awards process, Jury members have the opportunity to tour each entry, in turn gaining a much better understanding of the reasoning behind the design.

Hints and Tips for Jury Members:

  • Review the entries prior to the awards presentation and prepare questions.
  • Meet with your jury prior to the presentations, discuss how you’re going to run each award presentation, run through each project, your questions, who’s going to ask each question and the order. Time disappears quickly and you can easily miss out on asking a question or two so make sure the most important questions are asked first.
  • Allow time to ask questions developed from the presentation.
  • Listen to the presentation and take note, this is crucial for jury deliberations.
  • Get involved in jury deliberations, your contribution is important. I often found the debate helped provide clarity as to the merits of a project.

Hints and Tips for Entrants:

I found entering the awards incredibly nerve wracking but also very fulfilling. It’s a great opportunity to promote your work to the world. But again preparation is key, ‘winging it’ often doesn’t work.

  • Keeping the presentation natural is easier for juries to follow, but make sure you present the information which counts. It is important to utilise any photos and drawings as part of the presentation. Try not to dwell on one point for too long- its surprising how quickly time goes and you wish you’d got to all of your points.
  • Practice as many times as you can. The more you practice, the more natural your presentation will be and the best chance you’ll have to ensure you present everything you need in the time you have.
  • Lastly it’s your chance to let everyone know what is so special about your project

I look forward to this year’s field of entries.


Awards KEY dates

Fri 19 Feb – Online Entries close

Mon 1 Mar – Submission of additional material (A1 board and PDF presentation)

Sat 13 Mar – Presentation to Jury Day

Mon 22 Mar – Thu 1 Apr – Site visits

Thurs 10 Jun – SA Awards Announcement