Synapse SAIF (Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund)

The built project, Synapse Warner Street is a part of the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund. The facility is supported accommodation for people with acquired brain injury. Methodology of designs for the site focused on idea of reconnecting to Country through stimulation of colours textures and smells.

Campuses on Countries Engagement Report

The written document is an Engagement Report for the Campuses on Countries: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Design Framework. The document was published by the University of Queensland in 2021. It provides a report overview, insight into the engagement process and findings, campus context and recommendations.

Campuses on Countries Design Framework

Campuses on Countries is a written document featuring an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Design Framework at The University of Queensland. The document was published by the University of Queensland in 2021 to serve as a guide for architects, designers, project managers and construction staff in all future projects.

Gurra Gurra Framework 2020-2026

The Gurra Gurra Framework 2020–2026 is designed to help The Department of Environment and Science (DES) work in genuine partnership with Queensland’s First Nations people to achieve stronger outcomes for Country and people. It is a framework that has been developed with input from across the department and co-designed with external First Nations leaders in Queensland, to identify and formalise the structure required for change. It works to continue connection to culture and place through better governance and management of Country.

Campus to Country Strategy for QUT

Campus to Country: Positioning Strategy is a written document by the Queensland University of Technology published in 2020. It is a strategy that outlines the importance of connecting to Country and provides guidelines for planning and designing culturally sensitive buildings, spaces and places that reflect local context and respond to the current needs of the campus community.

Cape York Partnership Offices

Updated description. Cape York Partnership Offices are a built project. Completed in 2015, the Offices are built on a site important to the Cairns community and designs aimed to respect shared heritage.

Lockhart River Retail Store and Offices

The Retail Store and Offices in Lockhart River is a built project in Far North Queensland. It serves as a commercial space to a remote Aboriginal community with facilities that meet their needs. The design of the space works with Country, taking into consideration the culture, climate and landscape of the area.

Kevin O’Brien – Finding Country

An Audio-visual of Finding Country, a lecture at the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning given by Kevin O’Brien. The lecture explores approaching architecture, design and the built environment by first finding Country through an Aboriginal perception of space.

JCU Outdoor Learning Centre

The Indigenous Outdoor Learning Centre (OLC) at JCU’s Douglas Campus is a built project completed in 2014. It’s an educational space designed with an outdoor teaching environment that promotes two way learning of different cultures. The project was built using sustainable practices and Indigenous knowledge.

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