Groote Archipelago Housing Project

Groote Archipelago Housing Project is the incorporation The Groote Housing Master Plan and the Groote Housing Guide into a built project. The strategy was to improve the poorly built and culturally inappropriate houses in Groote Eylandt with 100 new houses. The project’s goal was to build no more than 6–10 culturally and climatically appropriate houses per year and design them for long term and in such a way that local contractors can do the work. The Fulcrum Agency began work on this project 7 years ago and it is ongoing.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

Uluru-Kata Tjuta is a built project and cultural centre. It’s built sustainability, emphasising a responsibility to the environment and as a celebration of Anangu culture.

Kununurra Courthouse

Kununurra Courthouse is a civic building. The Courthouse was built in response to the historical alienation of Aboriginal people from community and place within courtrooms. The building responds to the different needs of the Indigenous community. The narrative of the structure engages with local Aboriginal culture and responds to landscape and Country.

Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre

The Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre is a significant cultural centre. Completed in 2014, the built project operates as an adult learning centre, meeting place and a place to protect and showcase cultural artefacts. It is also the site where Yolgnu Elders practice and preserve culture through the Garma Festival. The permanent construction of the centre was intended to enable further activities at the site.

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