Jefa Greenaway (Wailwan _ Kamilaroi), Architect, Academic and Activist

Audio-visual of interview with Indigenous Architect Jefa Greenaway. Greenaway discusses his design approaches to embedding and weaving Aboriginal voice into contemporary design, landscape and built environment. He further discusses indigenising spaces, connecting to Country and amplifying culture within the built environment.

Jefa Greenaway – Placemaking with the Koorie Heritage Trust

Audio-visual of Indigenous Architect Jefa Greenaway discussing the incorporation of Indigenous placemaking principles into design. It further discusses how to give voice and agency to Indigenous considerations as it relates to the built environment.

International Indigenous Design Charter

The International Indigenous Design Charter is an open-source living document for the best practice protocols when working with Indigenous knowledge and material in commercial design practice. The International Indigenous Design Charter takes into consideration the needs of the diverse design communities and cultures globally. It was launched internationally in 2017 and its official Australian launch was in 2018.

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