Third Space, Architecture & Indigeneity – Studies of Designed Environments and Cultural Narratives in Australia

The University of Sydney, digitally published thesis discusses the need for more in-depth conversations that encompass conceptual frameworks relevant to First Nations cultures and presents the qualities of a Third Space. Further, it discusses that it can inform ways of thinking that link architecture and cross-cultural engagement with placemaking in contemporary settings, deep time living practices and colonial interventions on the Australian continent between beings. Focusing primarily on reciprocity in thinking—giving back—and how it informs more nuanced and inclusive approaches to architecture and placemaking as always becoming part of Country.

Walanga Wingara Mura Design Principles

A written document published by the University of Sydney. The document informs how institutions belong to Country and how they should approach designing and building on Country by outlining the principles three directives: Engaged Enquiry, Community of Practice and Mutual Accountability.

South Eveleigh Native Rooftop Farm

This garden was co-designed by members of the Local Indigenous Community. The space features diverse plants with focus on Sydney Region species and reinvigoration of cultural cultivation practices. The built project also creates habitat for both people and wildlife.

Narrative, Self and Engagement: An Immersive T(r)opical Experience

This paper is written to be a reference tool for educators who wish to expand their design studio learning environments. The paper discusses the complexities of acknowledging and understanding the interface of cultures that exist within our society. It outlines a workshop methodology that embeds cultural differences and acceptance into design studio thinking.

Gibbons Street Redfern

Gibbons Street is a Multi Residential built project that was completed in 2021. It is a mixed-use development of 160 social and affordable living units in a tower form with retail and commercial space. The design responds to Aboriginal historical and cultural context, featuring Aboriginal heritage items and materials that are significant in the streetscape of the area along with featured Aboriginal artists’ works.

Eora Journey Harbour Walk Storytelling Report

The Eora Journey – Harbour Walk Storytelling Report is a draft for the City of Sydney. The written report provides the foundational storytelling framework and recommendations to guide the implementation of the Harbour Walk being developed by the city in collaboration with community members and project partners. The document was last updated September 2019.

Aboriginal Cultural Values: An Approach for Engaging with Country

A document providing an approach for engaging with Country, community and culture, as part of planning, design and environmental management disciplines. Included is an overview of a process for developing a masterplan framework for caring for Country. This written document is directed towards planners, environmental managers, architects, designers, engineers, public servants, developers and decisionmakers who are directly affecting Country through their work.

Wingara Mura Design Principles

Walanga Wingara Mura Design Principles (Walanga Design Principles) is a document published by the University of Sydney. The purpose of the Walanga Design Principles is to provide guidance on how to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, world views and practices into the University. The document serves as a guide to those who are involved in realising the University’s aspirations in physical design, as well as in scholarship.

MAAS Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol

This document is the Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol for The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS). The MAAS encounter a broad range of Indigenous Cultural Material, including within their own collection. The main purpose of the document is to recognise Indigenous peoples’ rights surrounding their cultural heritage (ICIP) and to detail the principles that guide how MAAS engages with Indigenous peoples.

Kevin O’Brien – Finding Country

An Audio-visual of Finding Country, a lecture at the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning given by Kevin O’Brien. The lecture explores approaching architecture, design and the built environment by first finding Country through an Aboriginal perception of space.

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