Designing for Durability

This course delves into timber durability by explaining concepts, listing limitations for timber, concrete, and steel, exploring performance variations in timber, and defining risk factors for timber durability in construction.
– WoodSolutions

Engineered Timber Buildings – The Architect’s Perspective

This course covers identifying engineered timber products in Australia, selecting the right one for specific purposes, addressing structural and safety considerations, and understanding the architect’s role in prefab construction.
– WoodSolutions

Sustainability and Innovation in Surfaces

The built environment produces a third of the world’s waste. Every year about 100 billion tonnes of raw materials are extracted for use across the buildings and construction sector. Today, it is possible to create products that have a positive impact on the world around us. More sustainable and carbon neutral, with higher percentages of recycled materials and a longer life cycle. Designing for a sustainable future requires architects, designers, and specifiers to look at materials from a more holistic perspective.
– Cosentino

Passivhaus Part 2 – Health, Sustainability, Affordability

The second part of our Passivhaus series will take you on a transformative journey, exploring the intersection of health, sustainability, and affordability in the built environment. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the vital role that buildings play in shaping our well-being, the environment, and our economies. Available on-demand.
– Smart Plus Academy

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Design for Architects

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) proposes a range of new benefits for architects looking to improve productivity, sustainability, and occupant wellness. Please register interest via the contact form at the link provided.
– Xlam

Door Hardware Scheduling

This CPD is an overview of Door Hardware Scheduling and the principals of specifying the correct door hardware and basic understanding of deciphering door schedules and corelating with other service documentation to produce a meaningful and compliant document for tender.
– Allegion

Door Hardware and the Australian Standards

This CPD discusses the importance of the Australian Standards and how they apply to the building hardware industry. We review the fundamentals of AS1905.1, AS1428.1 and AS4145.5 the basis of what should be specified when these standards are applicable.
– Allegion

Electronic Locking

This CPD outlines the various electromagnetic and electromechanical solutions for Electronic Access Control and a general overview of access credentials and how to use these solutions.
– Allegion

Specifying Hardware into Aged Care

This CPD discusses the selection of door hardware used throughout aged care facilities and items to consider during the design phase of a project. Emphasis is placed on compliance and consideration of hardware nominations within a path of travel.
– Allegion

Sliding and Folding Door Hardware Systems

This CPD will provide a general overview of correctly specifying sliding door and folding door systems, the components used and suitable applications.
– Allegion

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