Architectural Acoustics: Speech Intelligibility and Speech Privacy

Unlock the Secrets of Soundproofing! Join our electrifying Building Acoustics Master Class. Discover how to enhance speech clarity, guard privacy, and meet NCC and Green Star standards. Dive into real-world triumphs—from soaring stadiums to serene healthcare sanctuaries. Plus, unravel the enigma of cutting-edge soundproofing innovations!
– Megasorber Pty Ltd

Mineral Coatings- Premium Silicate Technology

Breathable Coatings over Masonry substrates. In this CPD participants will be able to understand the difference between conventional and mineral coatings, and how this benefits the life cycle of a design and project.
– Dulux

Condensation Conundrums

The NCC introduced condensation management in 2019 under health and amenity. This CPD looks at legacy problems and how design, specification, and understanding of various control layers can contribute to effective management of condensation risk.
– Proctor Group

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