Understanding The Thin Dotted Line That is External Above Grade Waterproofing

Participants of this CPD will explore the key considerations associated with specifying external above grade waterproofing. You will learn about the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code that are associated with the design and specification of external, above grade waterproofing and be able to describe the critical clauses within AS 4654.
– Tremco

Internal Wet Area Waterproofing… 2.5 times more expensive than it should be

Our team will unpack and identify the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code associated with the design and specification of internal wet area waterproofing. Participants will be able to explain key considerations related to material selection and describe the critical clauses within AS 3740:2021 for internal wet area waterproofing to ensure that regulatory requirements are satisfied.
– Tremco

Door Hardware Scheduling

This CPD is an overview of Door Hardware Scheduling and the principals of specifying the correct door hardware and basic understanding of deciphering door schedules and corelating with other service documentation to produce a meaningful and compliant document for tender.
– Allegion

Door Hardware and the Australian Standards

This CPD discusses the importance of the Australian Standards and how they apply to the building hardware industry. We review the fundamentals of AS1905.1, AS1428.1 and AS4145.5 the basis of what should be specified when these standards are applicable.
– Allegion

Veneer: The Intricate Basics

This CPD course covers everything from resource procurement to lacquers, with the objective of giving an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of natural timber veneer. Through this understanding, participants gain the ability to specify natural, unique and beautiful timber veneers with confidence.
– Matilda Veneer

Healthcare & Aged Care Fundamentals

Learn more about the selection and specification of lining materials in relation to Wall and Ceiling Systems for Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities, not only in accordance with the current NCC standards, but with increased, and possible future, safeguard considerations in mind.
– Knauf

A Specifiers Guide to Commercial Glazed Facade Systems

Selecting and specifying the most appropriate Glazed Façade Systems can play a crucial role in the success of your building. Glazed Facades are critical building elements in terms of aesthetics and performance. However, there are many key considerations when selecting materials, including, supply chains, availability and installation methods.
– Alspec

Selection of Aluminium Windows and Doors for Commercial Applications

Provide an understanding of the key design considerations when selecting Aluminium Windows & Doors. There are a number of applicable Australian Standards that relate to Window & Door selections, we will give you an insight into how they affect your selections.
– Alspec

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