Spinifex Hill Project Space | Officer Woods

At the northern apex of the SpinifexHillStudios site, this independent multipurpose building transforms an existing garden into a secluded courtyard. Conceived as both a building in the round/courtyard companion to existing artists’ studio, its tall form addresses a main road and low form dips down to garden. Built to three boundaries with an ‘eye–lash verandah’ roof, the resulting form is varied and enigmatic. Materially austere and tautly detailed, the building reads as a sculptural object in a regional suburban field: announcing itself as a small cultural offering. The project fosters greater economic opportunities as well as cultural engagement for Kariyarra people. It supports the notion that when strong culture is supported by strong social and physical infrastructure, it leads to stronger, healthier communities.

Hale St Alterations & Additions | Philip Stejskal Architecture

A project conceived around our clients’ desire to live out the rest of their lives here. Recently retired empty-nesters, Trish and Rob had aspirations for a forever home that was comfortable to live in, maintenance friendly, captured the panoramic views to the Indian Ocean, yet maintained strong connections with the garden that was to become a focal point of the site and their lives.

A sloping site led to a split level home connected by a series of ramps, weaving various interior and exterior spaces into a cohesive whole.

In pursuit of strong environmental credentials, Hempcrete became a key building material and part of the project, able to provide high levels of insulation, building sealing and indoor air quality. A series of other materials were used around the Hempcrete to protect it from the elements and to create a home that would age gracefully.

East Metro Residential Facility | Whitehaus

This Residential Facility is a purpose designed complex providing refuge and transitional accommodation, support services and education for the residents. The 28–unit accommodation facility comprises 10 secure refuge rooms and 18 transitional units along with associated support and administration facilities. This new development is an important step to providing a safe, secure, and restorative environment for the at–risk community. Whitehaus has worked closely with all the stakeholders during the co–design process, assisting with brief refinement and best practice design to ensure the best outcome is achieved for the operators, end users and community at large.

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