Finlay Street | Christopher Clinton Architect

The Finlay Street project centres on a heritage-listed utility structure, once part of 34 Hampden Road. Alterations feature a new living area, removal of an unsympathetic fit-out, and landscaping with a north-facing green ‘warm’ roof. ‘Portals’ with integrated joinery enhance functionality and selectively frame views in existing west-facing openings. The northern addition maintains the original floor level, integrating a green roof intentionally kept low. A ‘lantern’ roof section, set apart as a distinctive glazed form independent of the main building, allows light penetration, ensures privacy, and establishes a visual link with the original house. Internal improvements expose and preserve the original brick structure, replacing laminate flooring with Tasmanian oak, and introducing detailed timber joinery. Achieving a harmonious blend of contemporary living, conservation, and historical sensitivity, this project reflects a successful collaboration among architect, client, and builder. The delicate balance between heritage preservation, functionality, sustainability, cost, and aesthetics defines its success.

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