ACT Health Centre, Duntroon, Canberra | Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Located at the Duntroon Military Area in the inner–city suburb of Campbell west of Canberra Civic precinct, the ACT Health Centre (ACTHC) is a part of the first phase of the Australia Defence Force Joint Health Command Program and provides healthcare for ADF members within the Barracks and in Canberra generally.

To create a restorative environment the building design is understated, with a palette of muted and earthy tones that reflect the local environment. Simple texture and repetitive building elements articulate the facilities mass with shadow and relief, creating
a façade with a sense of depth and dynamism.

The ACTHC is intuitive and welcoming, with continuous access to natural light and external landscaping relief areas. Waiting areas and courtyard spaces are private where staff and patients can relax and convalesce, whilst treatment spaces are designed to be flexible and multi–purpose and aim to reduce the stigma surround mental health services.

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