Ambrose Treacy College Amphitheatre + Play Space | Ink Duck

Ambrose Treacy College’s new flood resistant amphitheatre transforms an underutilised riverfront area into a versatile hub for the school. Following the site’s natural contour, tiered seating leads down to the central amphitheatre and play space. Embracing its riverfront position, the space can serve as a lunchtime play area, classroom breakout zone, performance venue and community friendly space. Designed with flood resilience in mind, the amphitheatre boasts timeless, locally sourced materials, and its cantilevered structure ensures stability even in adverse conditions. Preservation of indigenous trees and a harmonious alignment with the site’s natural contours demonstrate a commitment to environmental sensitivity. The result is an adaptive, intuitive heart of the campus, providing a unique and enduring space for both the school and the broader community.

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