PALA Residence | Studio Snell

PALA is a highly considered and warm family home. PALA is also a statement of intent by the owners, who are local builders, about raising the expectations and standards of architecture and build quality in the suburb, and the Gold Coast generally.
Studio Snell were engaged by Havendeen Projects to conceive a building which brought construction technologies and standards of finish not often manifested in the area. The building also functions as a pragmatic and uplifting home for a young growing family.
PALA has been designed with longevity in mind with concrete construction including precast panel walls and expressed steel elements. The aesthetics of the building are cohesive inside and out with a focus on natural and substantial materiality to support the strong and expressed structure of the building. Narrative and occasional whimsy are introduced through sculptural forms and unexpected dark vs light expressions in tectonics and joinery.

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