Modbury Hospital Upgrade | GHD Design and STH

The Modbury Hospital Upgrade (MHU) project has transformed healthcare services in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, surpassing the state’s objectives for quality, cost–effectiveness, and consistency. Beginning with a focus on the 1970s tower’s facade, the project evolved to include modern facilities including a short–stay unit, outpatient department, and Palliative Care Unit, all designed with contemporary care models and integration with nature in mind. Notably, the seamless integration of new structures with existing ones, inspired by the original brutalist architecture, underscores the project’s attention to detail. Optimizing space and circulation, alongside revitalizing the hospital’s entry, enhances accessibility and visitor experience. Collaboration was key to the project’s success, maximizing benefits and sustainability. The tangible impact extends to the community, with upgraded facilities improving patient experiences through private ensuites and modern care approaches. Overall, the MHU project exemplifies visionary, collaborative, and innovative healthcare design, ensuring enduring benefits for the community’s well–being.

Mount Alexander College (MAC) | Kosloff Architecture

MAC is a new public vertical school located in the suburb of Flemington.

The school provides a highly student led curriculum focus, where each year’s subject offering, and class structure are co–designed with incoming cohorts. In response to this, the building employs adaptable floor plates free from load bearing walls, that enable the program within to continually evolve.

A predominantly red brick suburban context, including a number of significant late 19th–century civic buildings has played a significant part in the materiality selection for the project. MAC embraces a masonry approach, one of permanency and low maintenance that is referential of 20th century predominantly red brick Public Works school buildings throughout Victoria.

The project aspires to emulate both the sophistication of tertiary institutions and the generosity of successful public buildings, and in doing so reflect the high ambitions of its teaching staff, students, and surrounding community.

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