Three Springs Art-Storage Bunker | KGA Architecture

Three Springs Art-Storage Bunker | KGA Architecture | Photographer: John Gollings

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Three Springs Art-Storage Bunker | KGA Architecture

Traditional Land Owners


Regional Prize (VIC)
Small Project Architecture
Frank (Victoria) Pty Ltd
John Gollings
Project summary

Deliberately recessed, hidden from sight, avoiding another above-ground building mass. It becomes part of the garden, a hidden treasure.

As you approach you glean nothing more than a protected vehicle store. But when you enter the glass-enclosed art store it becomes a grotto, bound by the trees outside and the grassed paddocks descending to the Cardinia Reservoir and the southwestern edge of the Dandenong forest. No development in sight.

The X-shaped columns are like the fingers of a hand holding up the heavy earthen roof. You don’t feel the weight above—it’s like a waiter holding a dish above their head while walking amongst patrons—it appears suspended as if by magic.
A delicate tracery of steel spears the glass, suspended as if too is weightless.

All that is seen is the landscaped upper terrace, punctuated only by light funnels—we call them the snorkels—hinting of another space beneath.

This is a deceptively simple building that needed to complement the house. This was achieved by sinking it below the landscape. It is inconspicuous, but it enhances the house behind with its clear lines and complementary curves. Viewed from inside the house, it flows as part of the landscape.

There is a comfort and ease, and practicality, which comes from its solidity and deep grounding in the landscape. From within, you are deep within the trees but also look upon them.

Project Practice Team

Kristin Green, Design Architect
Kristin Green, Project Architect
Paul Thompson, Landscape and Plant Consultant
Tony Green, Senior Consultant

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Artistree Tree Care Pty Ltd., Tree Consultant
BDC Building Design Compliance Pty Ltd, Building Surveyor
Bluebottle, Lighting Consultant
Kinetic Sets, Metal Consultant
Paul Thompson- Plant Design Pty Ltd, Landscape Consultant
Quatrefoil Consulting Pty Ltd, Structural and Civil Engineer

Three Springs Art-Storage Bunker | KGA Architecture | Photographer: John Gollings

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