The Greenhouse | Blight Rayner Architecture

The Greenhouse | Blight Rayner Architecture | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

The Greenhouse | Blight Rayner Architecture

Traditional Land Owners
the Turrbal and Yuggera peoples




Commercial Architecture
Hutchinson Builders
Christopher Frederick Jones Samuel Van Dyke – KOSK Photography
Project summary

The Greenhouse is designed to be a ‘jewel box’ within the dense, high-rise context of West Village. It is an 8-level office building located on an inner site originally intended as an apartment building but changed to offices in order to create increased daytime activation to the precinct.

Its form is designed to act as an organic counterpoint to the adjacent historic, masonry St Peter’s Ice Cream building, the existing jewel of the precinct, so as to maintain its singular identity.

The building is elevated above basements and a ground level that already existed, creating a new upper ground level and laneway that adds to the precinct’s existing network.

Using diagonal columns to land on existing load points, the building base recesses to create breathing space for the old factory and extensive greenery that enriches experience of the upper ground plane.

A journey through Greenhouse begins past peaceful gardens and the sound of water rippling down the perimeter stair into the Japanese inspired feature foyer.

The subtropical style creates a seamless transition into the workplace where floorplates are designed with flexibility for efficiency.

The floor-to-ceiling glazing ensures there is natural light minimising glare without compromising on views of the vibrant precinct below.

The rooftop terrace hosts spaces for work or relaxation featuring function facilities, gardens, and barbecues.

For the comfort of its occupants, state-of-the-art end-of-trip facilities are available, including bike storage, lockers, towel service, clothes ironing and drying facilities, and hair dryers.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

ADG Engineers, Civil & Structural Engineer
CDT Plumbing, Hydraulic Services
Dewpoint, Mechanical Services
Firerite, Fire Services
Hutchinson Builders, Environmental & ESD
McKenzie Group Consulting, Access / DDA
Renzo Tonin & Acoustic Logic, Acoustic Consultant

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The Greenhouse | Blight Rayner Architecture | Photographer: Samuel Van Dyke - KOSK Photography

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