The Foundry – The Paper Mill | SJB

The Foundry – The Paper Mill | SJB | Photographer: Rodrigo Vargas

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

The Foundry – The Paper Mill | SJB

Traditional Land Owners
Cabrogal Clan of the Darug Nation

New South Wales

Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Coronation Property Group
Rodrigo Vargas
Tom Roe
Project summary

The Foundry – The Paper Mill is the final release of The Paper Mill precinct, offering a variety of high-rise residences and ground floor laneway apartments, fused with generous landscaping and exclusive resident gardens.

Maximising its frontage onto the Georges River riparian corridor, designated environmentally significant land within the Local Environment Plan, the seventeen storey multi-residential tower comprises 198 apartments with three basement levels and a roof terrace with swimming pool.

The building’s materiality starts with a brick façade and the same brick floor finish on ground floor. As it rises, the façade changes into a precast concrete that sits on top of the brick.

Expressed as three separate elements, the building is structured around a predicated void and landscaped ground floor atrium that soars up through the centre of its 17 stories. Opening out on top of the building is a spectacular 1200sqm rooftop garden and private pool overlooking the picturesque Georges River.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
New South Wales Jury Presentation

The Foundry – The Paper Mill, with its striking architecture, breathtaking views, and abundant amenity, completes Coronation Property’s award-winning The Paper Mill precinct, offering residents the luxury of apartment living complemented by a sense of community found in the village-like neighbourhood.

SJB’s emphasis on fostering community through design by incorporating a bright, central atrium with ground-level landscaping, and rooftop featuring resort-style pool, barbeques, landscaping, and seating, provides residents with occasion to connect with neighbours and the outdoors.

A product of the long-standing partnership between Coronation Property and SJB, The Foundry is expertly crafted, flawlessly executed, and highly esteemed by its inhabitants and surrounding community.

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The Foundry – The Paper Mill | SJB | Photographer: Tom Roe

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