St Saviour's Cathedral | Michael Fox Architects

St Saviour's Cathedral | Michael Fox Architects | Photographer: Michael Fox

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

St Saviour's Cathedral | Michael Fox Architects

Traditional Land Owners

New South Wales

Heritage Decorative Glass
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Colin Jewell
Michael Fox
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Project summary

St Saviour’s Cathedral was designed in 1874 by architect Edmund Blacket, and is of cultural significance to NSW, the Diocese of Goulburn, the history of the site and the history of Goulburn. MFA (Michael Fox Architects) were engaged in 2012 as heritage architects for the conservation management of the Cathedral.

MFA heritage program commenced with preparation of Conservation and Asset Management Plans. Resultant initial conservation priorities included resolving rising and falling damp, roof ornaments including finials and crosses, parapets and the Great East Window settlement and movement.

The air drains and Great East Window programs were part funded by NSW government heritage grants and careful cost management enables the conservation program to proceed. Future program components include the Cathedral floor, internal fixtures and fittings, roof works, sound, lighting and Cathedral Spire.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Award for Heritage
Shortlist – Heritage
New South Wales Jury Presentation

The conservation program is of great benefit to the Diocese, Cathedral and parishioners.

The drainage system around the Cathedral solved a major problem of rising damp and water penetration. Within 6 months of completion the unpleasant internal dampness odour was eliminated.

A major benefit of the drainage program was creation of accessible entries for our clergy and parishioners.

The Sanctuary is adjacent to the magnificent Great East Window and the cracks in the Window required urgent attention. With thanks to the NSW government, and our conservation team, the complex Window conservation program has been implemented.

Project Practice Team

James Bowman, Graduate of Architecture


Project Consultant and Construction Team

Chris Legge-Wilkinson, Heritage architect


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St Saviour's Cathedral | Michael Fox Architects | Photographer: Michael Fox

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