KL House | Rosevear Stephenson

KL House | Rosevear Stephenson | Photographer: Brett Boardman

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

KL House | Rosevear Stephenson

Traditional Land Owners

New South Wales

Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
Maincorp Construction Group P/L
Brett Boardman
Project summary

This is a home built to last. A home intended to provide for family generations to come.

The building form is a deliberately grounded simple skillion in concrete embraced by stone ‘ribbon’ walls creating protected side outdoors spaces that moderate scale at the boundaries. The walls ebb and flow around landscape features and culminate in the plunge pool and lower garden – casual and contrary to the formality of the concrete form and floor plan.

Internally the spaces transition from an open and expansive on the upper living level to a private and protective on the lower bedroom level where additional break out space is created under the generous stair.

Materiality focuses on achieving permanence, longevity, thermal mass, bushfire protection and low maintenance whilst creating a calm backdrop for light and shadow, reflection and outlook – intended to age with grace and develop patina in concert with the landscape it sits within.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
New South Wales Jury Presentation

The uncluttered design creates a sense of effortless serenity. Spacious communal areas encourage connection with our family/friends and seamlessly transition to more intimate sanctuaries that inspire reflection, study, work and leisure. The grounded design compliments the steep rocky landscape, immersing us in the beauty of the native natural environment, capturing and illuminating seasonal colours, sounds and scents throughout the day. The design enhances how we live – calmly connecting us to loved ones, wildlife, land and water. It’s as if this man-made structure is somehow ‘meant to be here’, hidden amongst trees.

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KL House | Rosevear Stephenson | Photographer: Brett Boardman

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