Government Workplace | Cox Architecture

Government Workplace | Cox Architecture | Photographer: Scott Burrows

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Government Workplace | Cox Architecture

Traditional Land Owners
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Interior Architecture
Morris Property Group
Scott Burrows
Project summary

Our client’s ambition for change was a salient aspect of this workplace brief. The client was embarking on a period of significant transformation; changing the way they work to deliver the best possible experience for clients, staff and partners.

Across the 14 level workplace, designed to support an agile workforce, 3 key specialist levels house large gathering spaces, primary staff support and wellbeing spaces and key security and technology infrastructure.

At the heart of the workplace, a sculptural stair, that is simultanesouly fluid and efficient, weaves it way between floors facilitiating spontaneous exchange and intuitive navigation. It serves to breakdown silos and contributes to a sense of transparency and curiosity.

Designed prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the new workplace is the embodiment of an organisation that continues to adopt new ways of working and relies on a safe, secure and responsive workplace to support a highly engaged workforce.

Project Practice Team

Kellie Newman, Project Director
Michelle Mitchell, Project Lead
Mona Boettcher, Senior Interior Designer
Steve Hunter, Technical Lead

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Arup, Structural Engineer
Certis, Certifier
Floth, Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustics, Wet & Dry Fire
NDY, Fire Engineering

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Government Workplace | Cox Architecture | Photographer: Scott Burrows

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