Charter Hall Workplace Melbourne | COX Architecture

Charter Hall Workplace Melbourne | COX Architecture | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Charter Hall Workplace Melbourne | COX Architecture

Traditional Land Owners


Interior Architecture
Shannon McGrath
Project summary

When COX Architecture was engaged to design Charter Hall’s Melbourne office, our brief was elegant: “when visitors come to our space, we want them to experience a way of working that embraces flexibility, wellbeing and a sense of oneness.”

Key to the project is the diversity of collaboration and focus spaces for staff. This is further supported by the choice of different worksettings- a departure from the standard runs of identical workstations. Crafted responses explore place, purpose and interpersonal connections, whilst curved forms foster an ethos of collaboration, equity and deep thinking.

Cultural contributions have been made by celebrating the rich history of the 130 Lonsdale site. The Yarning Circle references histories as a place of gathering whilst promoting connection through the simple act of talking.

Local makers drew on the heritage First Nations and European histories to craft bespoke pieces that are simultaneously grounding and delightful.

Victorian Jury Presentation

Working with COX has been a truly positive experience. Their innovative and thoughtful design approach has not only created a beautiful and functional workplace, but has also positively impacted the way we work, collaborate and perform. The open design and use of natural light has fostered a sense of community and collaboration, while the considered private spaces allow for focussed and productive work.

Beyond the physical design, the workplace has helped Charter Hall build and strengthen our culture. The attention to detail and reflection of our values has created a workplace that truly represents who we are as a company.

Project Practice Team

Ashleigh Rosenzweig, Interior Designer
Christina Prodromou, Director
Patrick Ness, Director
Shjaan Versey, Senior Associate
William Cassell, Associate

Project Consultant and Construction Team

CBRE, Project Manager
Compass Engineering, Services Engineer
Fytogreen, Planting
Inhabit Group, Acoustic Consultant
McKenzie Group, Building Surveyor
Meinhardt, Structural Engineer
Urbanite, Graphic Designer (Signage)
Veldhoen, Charter Hall Workstyle Brief
Zenith, Custom Work Stations

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Charter Hall Workplace Melbourne | COX Architecture | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

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