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Alcheringa | Robin Spencer Architects | Photographer: Owner

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Alcheringa | Robin Spencer Architects

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Gold Coast and Northern Rivers

Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
Clarke Constructions
Project summary

Obscuring boundaries between contemporary enjoyment and ragged conditions synonymous with the Australian bush, Alcheringa overlooks the magnificent Coomera Valley, comfortably indulging guests with the awesome experience of Queensland’s diverse climate and weather conditions. The mountain top location highlights the insignificance of humanity amongst the spectacle of nature.

Alcheringa comprises two stand alone homes with separate structures for laundry and car parking. The houses provide minimal physical relationship with the earth but maximise emotional connection with extensive glazing and large cantilevered balconies over natural terrain. Passive thermal and cooling qualities eliminate the need for active energy consumption and awareness of the client’s environmental priorities ensured the buildings harmonious link with surrounding National Park.

The two small homes replace a magnificent but equally sustainable stone and timber house, designed by Robin Spencer in 1971. The house was destroyed by bushfire in 2019, the owners devastated but determined to re-establish their peaceful retreat.

For me, the two new Alcheringa houses blur the distinction between exterior and interior, bringing constant pleasure to occupants as they watch the changing weather at this 900m altitude. Multiple balconies, windows in unexpected places, plus window walls, even in the shower provide views from every room night and day. Even though they are built to the third highest fire rating, there are numerous reminders of the magnificent stone and timber house destroyed by the 2019 bushfires. My only concern is there is so much magic that guests are reluctant to leave them and explore adjacent Lamington National Park.

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Alcheringa | Robin Spencer Architects | Photographer: Owner

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