180 Flinders | SJB

180 Flinders | SJB Architects | Photographer: Derek Swallwell

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

180 Flinders | SJB

Traditional Land Owners


Commercial Architecture
John Holland
Derek Swallwell
Project summary

The Ball and Welch building opened in 1889 as Melbourne’s most prominent and preeminent department store up until its closure in 1970 and was subsequently renovated several times degrading its original heritage value.The latest adaption revitalises the building as a new 5-star Green Star workplace for Dexus to expand its capacity for the boom in the growing inner city, flexible workspace industries.

The neglected original heritage shopfronts and offices were restored, connected and incorporated into the new office floor plates that were built over the pre-existing car park. A considerable feat that involved building an additional six occupiable office levels ontop of an existing structure and foundations.180 Flinders Street has lived many different lives.

This adaptive reuse project seeks to balance the history and function of the site while improving and stitching into the urban condition of the city and bringing in new life for another 100 years.

Repositioning 180 Flinders Street as a sought after commercial and workplace offering was key to Dexus’ briefing and aspirations for the site. This was a key asset that needed to be fully revitalised and repositioned given its prominent location, and the significant history and heritage of the buildings themselves.
SJB was the lead architect with assistance from Lovell Chen in the re-establishment of the original Ball & Welch building façade that had been significantly altered.

We now have an A-grade office building, with a 5 Star Greenstar Certification, and a whole new lease on life for the site.

Project Practice Team

Beaudene Fulwood, Design Architect
Dan Weekes, Project Architect
Fiona Coakley, Project Director
Tristan Wong, Design Architect

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180 Flinders | SJB Architects | Photographer: Derek Swallwell

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