Getting sustainable design over the line

In this Lean In you’ll get an introduction to the HIP V. HYPE model – could this be the future of property development, architecture and sustainability?

The multi-disciplinary property development and sustainability consulting team at HIP V. HYPE create projects defined by substance, genuine interaction and meaning. Their latest project, Ferrars & York, will be powered by 100% renewable energy and presents best practice in climate resilient design and construction.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the key metrics, messages and concepts to get a developer over the line with sustainable design. Wearing his hat as an architect, property developer and passionate advocate for sustainability, HIP V. HYPE Founder Liam Wallis will share his insights with the Institute’s GM of Strategic Innovation and Enterprise, Alexia Lidas.


Liam Wallis is a creative entrepreneur who believes in the power of design thinking to resolve intuitive solutions to project delivery and value creation. He is passionate about cities and is driven by a desire to achieve better outcomes.

Since establishing HIP V. HYPE in 2002, Liam has refined a design led approach to business that seeks to shape and enhance the social, environmental and economic fabric of our cities through informed, responsive and collaborative design and development solutions.

Liam founded HIP V. HYPE whilst studying Architecture + Property & Construction at the University of Melbourne.