Murmuration - Art Installation | Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn | Photographer: Ross Caddaye

Elevation to Fellowship

Recognising significant contributions

Fellowship is awarded to Institute members who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the architecture profession both within and beyond architecture practice.

Candidates for Fellowship must complete an application specifying the significance of their contribution and attach a current CV with additional supporting documentation for consideration by Chapter Council.  Each application must be endorsed by two other voting members.

Please contact the Membership team if you have any questions about the nomination or application process.

Bendigo Former Mining Exchange | Williams Boag Architects | Photographer: Fred Kroh

Criteria for elevation

Smart Design Studio inside
Smart Design Studio | Smart Design Studio | Photographer: Romello Pereira

Criteria for elevation


  • A minimum of 12 years as a voting member
  • Only years of membership at the Member or Associate categories are counted
  • Chapter Councils may consider a lesser period of membership as a special case.


  • Evidence of a significant contribution to the profession.


  • Recommendation and endorsement of reasons for elevation by two voting members
  • In the case of overseas members, two short references of no more than 300 words, written by voting members of the Institute, must also accompany the application.

Advancement to Fellowship – National Council Policy Resolution

Guidance notes for the applicant

Fellowship is to recognise a level of achievement within the architectural profession. Therefore it applies similarly to generalists, specialists and academics.

Fellowship should be regarded as a privilege, not a right.

Chapters have some latitude in their interpretation of the contribution criteria of the submission, however, they should ensure that sufficient information is provided to demonstrate that the intent of Fellowship is satisfied.

To demonstrate their significant contribution to the profession, candidates should provide the following supporting information:

a) Gaining significant experience in the practice of architecture

For broad experience, the candidate should supply a CV indicating employment, types of projects and their professional role to demonstrate their experience across the full range of architectural activities.

For specialist experience, the CV should indicate their expertise in any area of architecture activity.

b) Significant service to the profession or community

The candidate should supply details of their service to the community and profession through participation in organisations or groups such as the Institute, AACA, government, schools, community, other professional bodies, media, church etc. or through any other method.

All details of service are of assistance to Chapter Council in assessing an application for elevation.

Penleigh Essendon Grammar School Music House | McBride Charles Ryan | Photographer: John-Gollings

Nomination for Fellowship

Fellowship application and nomination form

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