Bicentennial Centenary | Architect: Guy Maron


Architecture in South Australia

Architecture in South Australia spans a broad range of styles and influences. As noted by the State Library of South Australia, “South Australia is noted for the use of corrugated iron, for underground houses at Coober Pedy, and for ‘Adelaide lace’ decorative cast iron on verandahs.” (source) The University of South Australia Architecture Museum maintains a database of biographical information about prominent South Australian architects from 1836 to the present day.

Notable buildings

Heritage buildings are an integral part of Australia’s history, many of which have great value in our cultural inheritance. The Institute’s heritage architects are compiling data on our built heritage, the most significant examples of which will be available on this website as the Australian Institute of Architects Heritage Register.

The following places are on the Institute’s SA Chapter Register of Significant Architecture:

Year Building Suburb Architect (if known) Status
1901 Carclew North Adelaide Bruce J Quinton
1901 Eden Park Residence Marryatville
1901 Adelaide Stock Exchange Adelaide Fuller and Dunn
1902 St Georges Anglican Church Goodwood Thomas Henry Lyon
1902 Workmen's Cottages (Elder) Mile End E Davies & Rutt
1903 Wests Coffee Palace Adelaide AS & FH Conrad
1903 Stag Hotel Adelaide Garlick & Jackman
1905 Roche North Adelaide English & Soward
1906 Residence Kent Town FW Danker
1908 Walter Hughes Duncan Homes Toorak Gardens
1911 Ruthven Mansions Adelaide AlfredBarham Black/ Black & Fuller
1911 Hampshire Hotel Adelaide FK Milne
1912 Residence Thorngate FW Danker
1912 Power Station & Offices Adelaide
1914 St Theodore's Church Toorak Gardens
1914 Residence Toorak Gardens F K Milne
1916 St Raphael's Church Parkside
1920 Residence Norwood Jackman Gooden
1920 All Soul's Church St Peters
1922 Entry Pavilion, Soldiers Memorial Grounds Torrensville
1923 Freemasons Hall Adelaide Bruce J Quinton & W H Harral
1924 Epworth Building Adelaide English & Soward
1926 Burnside Town Hall Tusmore George Gavin Lawson/ Chas Rutt & Lawson
1927 Newland Memorial Church Victor Harbor Woods Bagot, Jory & Laybourne Smith
1927 Hartley Building Adelaide George Gavin Lawson/ Public Buildings Department
1928 Thebarton Theatre/Town Hall Torrensville Karberry & Chard
1930 Scammell Residence Beaumont George Gavin Lawson
1930 City of Holdfast Bay Council Chambers Brighton Chris Smith
1930 Residence Prospect
1930 Everard Court Apartments Keswick
1930 Capri Theatre Goodwood Road
1930 Tubemakers Admin Building No 2 Kilburn
1930 Nurney Residence North Adelaide W Bagot (Alterations)
1930 Bank SA Woodville
1930 Woodlands' Apartments North Adelaide
1931 War Memorial Adelaide L Laybourne Smith
1932 Barr Smith Library Adelaide WH Bagot
1933 Sands & McDougall Store Adelaide Claridge, Bruer & Fisher
1934 AMP Building FMR Adelaide L Laybourne Smith/ Woods, Bagot, Laybourne Smith & Irwin
1934 Mitcham Council Chamber Mitcham D Berry
1935 Hindmarsh Incinerator Hindmarsh Water Burley Griffin/ Walter Burley Griffin & Eric Nicholls
1936 Bonython Hall Adelaide W Bagot/Woods, Bagot. Laybourne Smith & Irwin
1937 Elder House Adelaide WH Bagot
1938 Westpac Bank Adelaide PR Claridge/ Claridge and Associates
1938 Tubemakers Admin Building No 1 Kilburn
1940 Court House Whyalla P R Claridge?
1940 Residence Erindale McConnell or Ellis?
1940 Hardholt Building Port Adelaide Philip Claridge/ Claridge & Associates
1940 Hotel Bay View Whyalla Philip Claridge & Associates
1941 FMR SA Brewing Co Offices Adelaide Fk Milne & S H Gilbert
1942 DeepAcres Apartments North Adelaide Jack McConnell
1943 Bank SA Head Office Adelaide McMichael/ McMichael & Harris
1949 Residence Springfield Eussell Ellis
1950 Residence Leabrook
1950 Residence (Dickson) Rostrevor Robert Dickson
1950 Union Hall Adelaide
1950 YMCA Adelaide
1951 Adelaide High School Adelaide E Fitzgerald & J Brogan (NSW)
1953 Residence Burnside Don Thompson/ JS Chappel
1955 Mt Gambier Fire Station Mt Gambier Glover & Pointer
1955 Residence Leabrook
1955 State Bank Adelaide
1956 Residene Kensington Park Alexandra Mokwinska
1956 Residence North Adelaide Robin Boyd (Melbourne)
1957 Residece Marryatville M Doley
1957 Residence Beaumont Cheesman, Doley, Brabham and Neighbour
1957 MLC Building Adelaide BSM, Lawson, Cheesman, Doley and PTRS
1958 Residence (Neighbour) Torrens Park Keith Neighbour
1959 Flats 'Parkview' Adelaide JS Chappel
1960 Lee Residence Brighton Dickson & Platten
1960 St David's Church Burnside
1960 Bragg Laboratories Adelaide Hassell & McConnell
1962 IPEC Building