Shine Dome | Roy Grounds - Grounds Romberg & Boyd Architects | Photographer: iandolphin24 | Licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Architecture in the Australian Capital Territory

Architects from the Federal Capital Commission (FCC) designed much of Canberra’s houses and public buildings in the city’s early years. As a result many of the older suburbs exhibit this largely cohesive ‘FCC style’ that is unique to Canberra. American Walter Burley Griffin, the city’s designer, brought with him elements of the Chicago-based Prairie style that was common in the US Midwest.


Australian Capital Territory architect biographies

The Heritage Committee of the Australian Institute of Architects (ACT Chapter) is compiling biographical details of former architects of the Australian Capital Territory. Copyright to each biography is retained by the author, and any correspondence or submission should be addressed to the Heritage Committee by email at The project is ongoing – please check back regularly for further updates.

Further to the list, it is possible to visit the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) online edition to browse other Australian architect biographies under the ‘architect’ link.

Notable buildings

Heritage buildings are an integral part of Australia’s history, many of which have great value in our cultural inheritance. The Institute’s heritage architects are compiling data on our built heritage, the most significant examples of which will be available on this website as the Australian Institute of Architects Heritage Register.


UIA – International Heritage Register

ACT projects have been nominated by the Institute to the International Union of Architects (UIA) World Register of Significant 20th Century Australian Architecture. The Institute publishes a complete list of buildings nominated to the UIA.


Australian Institute of Architects National Register of Significant 20th Century Architecture

Seven ACT buildings are listed on the Institute National Register of Significant 20th Century Architecture. See the complete list of buildings on the national register.


Register of Significant Architecture

The following places are on the Institute ACT Chapter Register of Significant Architecture:

The Oaks Railway St