Three Capes track lodges | Andrew burns architecture

2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

three capes track lodges | andrew burns architecture

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The Three Capes lodges sit atop spectacular dolorite cliff top sites, up to 300m above the sea, accessed by the recently constructed Three Capes Track. Cloaked in battens and capped by slender roof forms, the buildings recede into the spectacular landscape. Informed by the lineage of previous Tasmanian Walking Company projects such as Ken Latona’s celebrated Bay of Fires Lodge whilst taking this lineage forward under the new company operators, the project incorporates comprehensive sustainability features and a light touch approach, with minimum physical and ecological footprint.

Client perspective:
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“We love that these two lodges bring our guests close to the environment of the Tasman National Park, allowing for the immersive wilderness experience that we seek to provide. Whether they’re in the communal areas, bedrooms or even the amenities, the surrounding flora and fauna is just, right, there! All of this while still providing comfortable refuge at the end of the day’s walk.
Given they are bushwalkers’ lodges, they provide a great exclamation mark to a wonderful day’s journey, with the beauty of the buildings not fully understood until you’re right on the door step.

Three Capes Track Lodges | Andrew Burns Architecture | Photographer: Brett Boardman



AJR Construct – Builder

SDA Structures – Structural Engineer

JHA – Services Consultant

ERA Planning – Town Planner

Geo-Environmental Services – Engineer

Another Perspective –  Viewshed Analysis

 ECOTas – Ecological Consultant 

Rogerson and Birch – Surveyor

Photographer – Brett Boardman

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