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2020 International Chapter Architecture Awards

2020 International Chapter Architecture Awards: People's Choice

The Arroyo Affordable Housing | Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc

Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing

The Arroyo offers 64 units of affordable, LEED Platinum housing for families that earn 30-60% of county mean income. Located on a rapidly developing urban street, and  within a 5-minute walk to a train station and bus lines, the Arroyo comprises two five-story buildings arranged around an open-ended courtyard. The courtyard follows a long abandoned arroyo (dry creek) that was replaced by a storm drain in the 1960s. The courtyard provides a social hub for residents, captures prevailing ocean breezes, provides daylight to apartments, and makes the street more pedestrian friendly. As the boulevard fills in, the courtyard provides welcome borrowed landscape back to the neighborhood. Given the budget, the crafting of place embraces the limitations of conventional wood-frame construction using minimal secondary moves to animate; a gestural angle, shading that provides amenity and ornament, and a rippling, rather than static grid, approach to window placement.


The Arroyo Affordable Housing | Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc | Photographer: Eric Staudenmaier

Client perspective:
How does the design benefit the way you live/work/play/operate/educate/other?

The design of the Arroyo reflects the beauty of Santa Monica and captures natural air and light to create an atmosphere that is uplifting and peaceful. The undulating courtyard with native plants provides shade and beauty, and encourages community gathering. The basketball court in the rear offers a safe place for children to play. Two community rooms are bright and cheerful, and encourage families to spend time together. The design was intelligent and cost efficient, with maximization of color and stacking features to keep costs at bay while creating a beautiful home for our residents.



Benchmark Contractors – Builder

Barbara Hall – Civil Consultant

Steve Billing Landscape Architecture – Landscape Consultant

John Labib + Associates – Structural Engineer

Khalifeh & Associates –  Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineer

0MB Electrical Engineers – Electrical Consultant

Green Dinosaur – Sustainability Consultant

Promise Energy – Solar

Finish Hardware Technology –  Hardware

AWC West – Specifications

Veneklasen Associates – Acoustic Consultant

Geotechnical Professionals Inc – Geotechnical Engineering

Eric Staudenmaier – Photographer

Project location

Santa Monica, CA, USA

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