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2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Stillwater seven | cumulus studio

commercial Architecture

This Launceston accommodation project involved major interior alterations to a three-storey flour mill first constructed in the 1830s. Seven luxury suites now join the existing Stillwater restaurant, replacing spaces formerly used as a providore, gallery and hairdresser within the upper floors of the mill.
As the survivor of a major structural fire and almost two centuries of wild elements, the new accommodation expresses the building’s journey through time. Although perhaps appearing as a design constraint, the charred, weathered shell provided significant inspiration for the redefined interior. The design delves into the post-fire regeneration of the Australian bush, known for producing a gallery of colourful new plant life. As if rising from ashes, rich reds and greens are matched with steel thresholds, burnt timbers and textured paintwork throughout the new interior spaces. Just as the bush regenerates, so too has Stillwater, transforming and taking on a new life.

Client perspective:
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“The inspiration the Cumulus team brought to the Stillwater SEVEN project was essential to ensure the success of the business. It made the difference between lovely and extraordinary. Taking the charred timber as the element to hang all the design work from was integral to the design success and added such depth to the story we now tell about the project.
Working with this heritage structure involved satisfying many masters. Cumulus successfully walked the delicate balance between being respectful to the heritage and allowing it to shine through as the hero of the project while ensuring full building code compliance.”

Stillwater Seven | Cumulus Studio | Photographer: Anjie Blair


Practice team

Todd Henderson – Design Director

Amanda York – Interior Designer

Gary Fleming – Project Architect


Anstie Constructions – Builder

JMG – Engineer

Rare Innovation – Structural Engineer

John Papworth – Fire Engineer

Southern Lighting – Lighting Consultant

Anjie Blair – Photographer

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